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Why are pedigree kittens expensive?

The most frequent question every breeder gets : "How much is your kitten?" After they receive the answer, many potential buyers decide to get a non-pediree cat instead. To be honest, we as well did that, when in 2015 we got our oldest cat, "British shorthair" Smokie. She sure is a nice, cuddly kitty, but she looks more like a blue coloured home cat, nothing like the massive BSHs. Not to mention that breeders of non-pedigree kittens hardly ever bother with testing their cats for deadly cat diseases like FIV or FeLV.

        Some people think that breeders like me make tons of money - well especially to explain this, I have been counting all the expenses I had since 2016, when we got our first breeding cat Ghibli :

  • 2. 1. 2016 buying Ghibli, about 750€
  • Cat toys, toilet, etc, about 100€
  • Monthly expenses of one cat, 50€
  • Yearly FIFé membership 25€
  • 23. 2. 2016 Ghibli electrochip implant 30€
  • 26. 3. 2016 first cat show 25€ + travel expenses
  • 22. 4. 2016 buying Yona, 1000€

        As you can see, in less than half of a year we've spend more than 2000€ and now we are still not in black numbers. We don't do this for money, cats are just a beautiful hobby of ours. We treat each kitten as our own baby, so we also pick owners for them very carefully. We require a short interview with the future owners (Skype interview could do for long distances), as well as information about our kitten's development. We believe it is not too restraining and that it will be no problem for the loving owner to share a photo or two once in a while.